Lobby Level

I’ve been spending a lot of time in 2017 discovering the real me.  A psychic energy healer (we can go into all that, later) told me that I’m going through something called “Saturn Returns”.  Basically, it starts when you’re rounding 30 years of age and keeps going until you are a few years past.  It marks the end of your childhood, and the beginning of adulthood, and when we reach it in our 60s, we are to re-emerge as wise sages, think Gandolf the White.  Personally, I’m just focused on getting through my 30s “Saturn Returns” without making any brash life decisions that mess up the next 30 years.

Getting back to the purpose of the blog.  I’ve been trying to figure out what makes me happy, because the things that used to just aren’t up to par these days.  I’m also attempting to figure out if the things that used to make me happy, were in fact done by me because I liked them, or because I felt obligated to be doing them.

I’m literally at a ground zero right now.  I feel like I’m starting over.  You could ask me how I feel about any aspect of my life: career, house, food, money, exercise, purpose, spirituality, Et. Al., and I would ambiguously tell you that I currently have no opinion on the subject, save for a few things: Jeremy (my husband), Zak (my dog), and my Fiat (my car).  Those three things are definite sources of joy for me right now and I’m glad they are in my life, getting me over this hump.  (Sadly, the cats we have didn’t even make the cut!) I’m telling you, I’m at Lobby Level right now!  So this blog’s purpose is to explore life with a new set of eyes, and record things that actually do make me happy.  Hopefully, in the process, I will emerge with a new set of standards- beliefs- if you will, built on experience and not pre-programming.

Going up.


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