Fairy Gardens

Miniature things make me so happy- and because adults (without children) who still play with doll houses are looked at kind of strangely, I figured out a way to play with miniature things and still be thought of as sensible– Fairy Gardens!

When making a fairy garden, I feel like I’m giving the succulents a little excitement in their lives by decorating their surroundings, considering most succulents originate in arid deserts.  Those plants are thanking me by the time I’m done with them…
Here are the two I have made!

fairy gardenfairy garden

Figuring out the layers is probably the hardest part.  I did a Google search and came up with this great image from the San Francisco Chronical.  Being that I don’t have a lot of activated charcoal lying around (or even know what that is) I skipped that layer and started my terrarium with the small rocks, textural moss, and then potting soil layers.


The fun part was shopping at garden and home improvement stores to find the coolest succulents.  Here’s a chart of some succulents that we came across.


I like that there is a category called “strange.”

The most amazing succulent of all was the butt succulent!  They are actually known as lithops, or, living stones!  I read a giant article about them today and am kind of in love with this species.  You can spend a ton of time, like I did, reading about them HERE!


This is my favorite picture of them!  It looks like a pot of rainbow butts! (Or brains!)

Finally, its time to pick out the decorations, and to do that, I had to shop at Hobby Lobby (though it pains me to do so) and go to the fairy garden aisle (and dollhouse furniture aisle) to pick out what I wanted in mine.  I bought way more decorative items than I ended up using, but it wouldn’t be a trip to Hobby Lobby without spending over $50, now would it!?  (I really wanted my fairy gardens to have outhouses in them but both outhouses they had in stock had some sort of flaw with them. And I only provide top-of-the-line accommodations for my gnomes.  So I didn’t end up getting any.)


Mini gnome outhouse from Hobby Lobby.

That’s about it! Here is a site that had some ADORABLE figurines for sale that were even categorized by what theme of fairy garden you wanted to make.  Enjoy! 


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