(The Best) Rainbow Hair

Nothing makes me quite as happy as bright colors! Having super short hair has allowed me to try anything and everything, with little fear of it being fried. I’ve been:

Sharon Osborne Red



Blond Highlights

Dark Purple

And many different COMBOS of Color…

None of these even compare to the vibrancy of Pulp Riot!  I have been in love with Pulp Riot hair color ever since it was first introduced to me by stylist and friend, Megan Hudson.  Pulp Riot is a semi-permanent direct dye that comes in 16 regular shades and 5 neon shades.


It applies just like you’re painting a picture, directly to the hair.  My husband enjoys grabbing a foam paintbrush and doing touchups on me at home between professional bleachings and colorings.

I have NEVER had so many compliments than with this brand of color. The color removes from skin easily, lasts over a month of washings, and fades true to color. I even get compliments when it needs touched up because of the beautiful pastel version of the original color it becomes.

Here are some gorgeous examples of what can be done with Pulp Riot on a bit longer hair, as designed by stylist, Megan Hudson, using both their Regular and Neon colors. (If you’re in the Orlando, FL area, check her out! She does amazing work!)

Pulp Riot color can be purchased by your hair professional, and I highly recommend having a professional bleach your hair (if it needs lightened) and apply the original coloring to it. (I mentioned my husband doing touch-ups for me, but that is only in between seeing a professional stylist.)

Cant wait for you to try out this gorgeous brand of color!


Want your stylist to find out where they can buy this brand? Give them this site: https://www.pulpriothair.com/

Live in Florida and want Megan’s information? Instagram.com/hairbymeganlaree Facebook.com/hairbymeganlaree


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