Let’s see. I’m currently re-discovering who I am, so this profile will be based on who I was previous. I’m in my early 30s, married to my husband for almost a decade, and no, we don’t have kids. And similar to my first blog post (“Lobby Level”) I can’t tell you if we want them or not yet. We’re still young, our parts still work, so LAY OFF!

Anyway, I majored in Special Education in college, but am not married to the idea of continuing working with people with disabilities the rest of my life. I’ve worked at a day program, respite program, or public school with people with disabilities for over 13 years now. I love what I do, but am extremely burnt out in that I have no energy left for myself and my family during the work week. So, change in that regard seems inevitable.

I sell Jamberry (small plug for that) and you can shop my site at: jamberrywithjessica.jamberry.com anytime. I’m not going to be “salesy” on my blog, but hey, you decided to read my profile.

I have a Pomeranian, named Zak, who I love with all my heart. When he goes, I go, and that’s all there is to it.

I’m cynical, sarcastic and funny- the cynicism having been developed with age and being around a very sardonic man the last decade.

Not many people know this, but I converted to SGI Buddhism almost two years ago. Its a beautiful practice and is resonates well with the way I feel about life and it’s purpose.

I love nature. I love hiking. And I might be a fairy.
The rest, I’m still figuring out!